Friday, August 01, 2008

The Thompson Manifesto

A manifesto is a public declaration of principles and intentions. The premise here is that if I put my beliefs into writing and let other people see them, then I might be more aware and accountable (or be exposed for the hypocrite I am). Does it make me less of a hypocrite if I announce it?
Several years ago, Kraig and I started writing "The Thompson Manifesto". We wanted to have our beliefs written down for ourselves and for our children to read later. At least they will see that we had a purpose and a reason for our choices. Some topics have been completed and some haven't. Here are the topics so far:
Biblical Worldview
Health and Nutrition
Child Raising
Celebration, Feasts and Alcohol
Have I left out any facets of life? I guess these are the most pertinent to me right now since I can't think of any others.
OK, now for the disclaimer: These are my beliefs. Belief means that I hold these to be truth. Does that mean I think that everyone should believe this way? Well, yes and no. Truth is important and I believe that I have searched out truth. Should everyone homebirth or not vaccinate? Only if God leads you to. I don't judge other people for not having the same beliefs. I've been led to this place and these beliefs buy seeking God and His will for me and my family. Some people are led to be doctors or public school teachers or teetotalers (shudder) and I know that to be true. So, know what you believe and live it (or they aren't your beliefs, just nice ideas.)


Shannon said...

Looking forward to a full report on each subject mentioned! :)

Shannon said...

Oh yea, I wasn't homeschooled so forgive me for asking, but what are teetotalers???

cheryl said...

Ami? Ami who I have lost track of? Ami who I really should have met by now? Ami whose home town I have visited, but not her? I'm glad you are back and sporadically blogging.
Looks like my family & I are here for a time longer.
Oh, another area you exactly mention on your manifesto: nature/creation a.k.a. what lies beyond our air conditioned living units.
Just wanted to say hi from the opposite end of "The Metroplex" (what a strange term).