Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Open Carry Petition

Click here to sign a petition to allow open carry of guns instead of keeping them concealed. I love this idea!
And yes, I would carry a gun and wear my gorgeous tooled leather holster everywhere. With my lovely skirt. And my baby.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Vision Forum giveaway!

Families Against Feminism is giving away some Vision Forum DVDs! Go over and leave a comment to be entered in the drawing.

About me A-Z

I got this from Mountain Mama's blog

A)Age- 32
B)Burger of choice- Burgundy Pasture beef grilled out back with mustard and horseradish and lots of veggies on an Ezekial bun
C)Car you drive- Honda minivan
D)Dogs name- Roscoe P. Coltrane
E)Essential item you use everyday- Teapot
F)Favorite TV show- hmmm, how about a whole channel - the Travel Channel
G)Game you love to play- Set card game- you can try it online here
H)Hometown- Fort Worth or Dallas or Atlanta - I am not super partial to any of them
I)Instruments you play- Piano, a little bit
J)Juice you love- Orange
K)Kick whose butt?- I can't think of anyone who would elicit this response from me.
L)Last restaurant you ate at- Fuzzy's Tacos
M)Muppet you love- Gonzo
N)Number of piercings- 2
O)Overnight hospital stays- none
P)People you were with today- my husband and our 4 kids
Q)Quiet time- Reading, looking at Etsy, painting....
R)Regret- thinking that I should go to college - O, how I wish I could go back and do something more productive and creative with my time.
S)Status- Very happily married.
T)Time you woke up- 6:30 am (Time I went to bed 2:30 am - baby chose to have happy playtime from about 1 am til 2:30)
U)What you consider unique - more than I'll ever even know
V)Vegetables you love- swiss chard, yellow squash, red onions, Vidalia onions, fennel, tomatoes
W)Worst habit- not working
X)X-rays you have had- 4 years ago, I closed my thumb in the minivan door and had to have it x-rayed.
Y)Yummy food you ate today- banana, almond milk, Chai tea, spinach smoothie
Z)Zodiac sign- I don't care